5 steps to become a computer programmer

5 steps to become a computer programmer

How do you become a computer programmer

Hello Everyone! Today I'm going to tell you the simplest way to learn a programming language and become a computer programmer, I will tell you very easy steps in this article so that you will be able to easily learn the hard-hitting programming language and develop your own apps, website and software.

Well, in the whole world, there are more than 2500 programming languages, and nowadays, every single company, for every single device, develops its own language. What is this, we have many programming languages And all these programming languages are difficult to learn. So I have tried to tell in this article that how can you learn any programming language altogether easily?

The programming language is an artificial language, which is designed to express the computations required for a particular work. Programming languages are used especially with computers (but programming languages are also used on other machines). Using programming languages, we can also write programs, express algorithms, or as a means of human communication.

5 steps to become a computer programmer

Learning Programming is not a small thing, which you learn in one day and this is not a big thing, there are many things in the world of the Internet that help you to learn to programme and make it easy too. That's it 5 tips I've bought for you, which will help you to become a computer programmer.

1. Read the program's example code

If you want to become a computer programmer then try to read something, then you just read the words written on that page. But when you learn to program, then it is code. When you start learning the program, then you try to read and understand every single example code.

How to learn programming language.

When I started learning the program, I even read example code before the text and tried to figure out what was happening in this code, it did not work every time. But it used to force me to understand those examples better, and it helped me in writing the right coding.

If you also want to learn a programming language, first start reading its example code.

2. Just do not read the example code and run it too

When you read a programming tutorial or book, then it looks like watching the sample code like it is easy and I understand. Maybe you have come to understand or have not even come.

The solution to this thing is to find that you run that code together. If you want to run the program code then you will need a compiler. On which you can write your sample code. If you type sample code on the compiler, instead of copying and pasting you can do your coding correctly, and you can get the command well on small mistakes often made during coding.

what do you need to become a computer programmer

Note:- If you do copy paste of the codes then you can never ever become a computer programmer. That silly mistake can affect your power of thinking to write a program.
When your coding is complete, then compile it and then run it and keep in mind that they do the same thing that you wanted to do. Then change it and practice it.

the software is such a thing in this planet, which we can easily change, we can use new things, experiments, some changes happen quickly without any risk but the easiest way is to introduce a new language feature Learning is that you get some code to work on it and change it.

3. Write your own code

When you understand the language, you can start programming by writing some sample programs. Sometimes, it is difficult to get the right idea to write a program, but it does not matter, many online There are programming challenges on which you can start your own by writing your coding. You can re-execute those examples, from which you have read in the tutorial or books. You try the thing without seeing the sample code, this will not be easy, but this technique will help you write the code yourself.

how to become a computer programmer

If you can not think of a small program, but your brain has a big program that you want to implement, like a game you can start by creating small, small blocks which can be used later in your game.

4. Learn to Debugging

First of all, you have learned how to use the debugger: Through debugging we can predict the output, through the debugger, we can know what the values of the variables are and whether the code will execute or not. If once you understand how to debug then no one can stop you to become a computer programmer.

Learn programming Language

The debugger helps us answer what our code is doing. For example, see code the below -

int main()
Înt x;
int y;
if( x > 4 ) // <– What will be the value of x?
y = 5; // <–  Will code of this line be executed?

Through debugging you can fix the programming problem and error. And believe it will help you a lot in your programming career and you will become a computer programmer, so try to debug the code.

5. Find and learn the Sources

If you do not understand anything, then you can read and understand more alternate explanation. There are so many information and books related to programming on the Internet which will help you to learn to program. By the way, you can learn from any websites or form YouTube. I recommend a website to you, which help you to learn to program and you can become a computer programmer. Here is a website which name is codingkida. On that website, you can learn C programming language, Cpp programming language, PHP, Python, Java, HTML, JavaScript, CSS etc.

c programming language

Note - After doing all this, if you still do not understand programming, then you can get help from a specialist. The more questions you ask about your problems, the easier it will be for the expert to understand.

This was Top 5 tips, from which you can learn any programming language and become a computer programmer.

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